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Anti-Gravity Water Drop Humidifier

Anti-Gravity Water Drop Humidifier

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About this item

  • Sleep soundlessly and soundly with humidification all night, from morning till night, quietly with low-noise strength
  • Nano-fine fog is better absorbed, and the spray is fine, and the amount of super fog quickly sweeps and dries.
  • Intelligent LED display screen, which can display the time in real time.
  • One-key switch design, intelligent one-key switch, intelligent adjustment and portability are everywhere.
  • Double power-off protection effectively prevents dry burning, water level detection and sensor for preventing dry burning.

This bedroom humidifier adopts anti-gravity water droplets backflow black technology and Ultrasonic Atomization technology, which can nourish the air and relieve pressure at the same time, help you recover your mood and make life more interesting.
One-button switch control, easy to operate, automatically shut down when the water is used up.
The anti-gravity aroma diffuser comes with an intelligent LED display and ambiance light, making it more like a work of art on the desktop than just a humidifier.
Up to 8 hours of continuous operation, allowing you to breathe fresh air and get a more peaceful sleep.
Ultra-quiet operation, suitable for bedrooms, baby rooms, offices and other places, can be used as a gift for family and friends.

Product information:

Model: counter gravity humidifier
Applicable objects: household
Function: aromatherapy
Number of fog outlets: 1
Operation mode: mechanical
Power mode: USB
Shape: columnar
Noise: 36-45db
Rated voltage: 111V~240V (included) (V)
Color: white, green, black
Material: plastic

Packing list:

Humidifier * 1



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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Amari Goodwin

Received. all OK!

Victoria Effertz

The office is the very thing, but we wanted for the bedroom, like the night light is too bright and the light is only white. On some surfaces it makes noise.

Neoma Leannon

I got a refund because the goods were not delivered at first… I ordered again and sent you a pretty toothbrush too… Water drops the shape is interesting and the amount of humidity is also suitable… It is a bit noisy as it pulls the water up with the motor and sends it back down… The sound of water can be very loud when you sleep. There are also led lights like mood lights. The crisis is good… If you use a small USB plug output, the power is pressed by the power switch, so it doesn't work well.… It had to be pressed several times to work…. So I changed it, so it worked at once… Please refer to… If you fill the amount of water once, it will float a day I think it's good for the price ^ ^ ^

Rusty Quigley

The sense of science and technology is strong, and the underwater noise is not very large. There are three modes: downstream, reverse and staged. I really like this design. My friend likes it.

Raven Glover

The capacity is big, the water droplets are pretty, the lighting and the atmosphere are good and good.