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5-in-1 Electronics Cleaner Kit

5-in-1 Electronics Cleaner Kit

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About this item

Electronics Cleaner Kit: The 5-in-1 cleaning kit includes a variety of accessories, such as flocking sponges, metal nibs, cleaning spray bottle (no spray), high-density brushes, fiber flannel of which are easy to store and meet various cleaning needs.

Multifunctional Cleaning Pen: Metal nib is used to clean stains in crevices' small high-density brush is great for deep clean mesh surface dust. The flocking sponge is to clean the hole of the charging case, making your earphones last longer.

Earbud Cleaning Kit: Equid with an spray empty bottle, you put cleaning solution or water into the bottle and use a fiber lint to easily remove oil and fingerprints from your phone, tablet, laptop, monitor, and TV screen.

Easy to Storage and Carry: The product fits smaller than the palm of your hand, making it an easy-to-carry size. Must-have computers, tablets, earbuds, and laptops accessory for Men or Women.

Wide Uses: Air pods Pro cleaning kit, for iPhone charging port, phone speaker, earbuds, headphones, iPod case can also clean headphones Air Pods 1 2 3 pro. : 5-in-1 Electronic Cleaner kit- Portable Cleaning kit for  Airpods/Earbuds/Phone/Camera/Watch/Laptop,with Cleaning Pen and Spray  Bottle,Multifunctional Cleaning Tool : Electronics



Cleaner Flocking Sponge: The soft flocking sponge of the headphone cleaning pen kit can perfectly remove dust from the wireless earphone charging case.    

Clean and Delicate: Multifunctional cleaning pen with a high-density brush, easy to clean the dirt on the sound hole of earphones and other parts, the metal pen tip can clean stubborn dust, clean the gap thoroughly, built-in handle: Hold the top of the flocking sponge upside down.    

Integrated Design: The design is more concise and elegant, more integrated, all functions are integrated into one without disassembly, and it is light to carry. Maintains a good grip on the pen and easily removes stubborn stains at any time.    

Safe Materia: The 3-in-1 headphone cleaning pen kit is made of eco-friendly, safe, and soft materials that will not damage the earbud components and holes.    

Multifunctional Us: The headphone cleaning pen is suitable for digital products such as wireless earphones, wired earphones, mobile phones, computers, cameras, etc.

Product Details:
Material: ABS + metal + sponge + microfiber cloth
Product weight (without detergent): 40g
Product size: 3.8*7.5*1.8CM
Type: computer cleaning brush
Color: Q6 cleaning kit without 5ML cleaning solution

1. Liquid cleaners are not included for shipping reasons.    
2. Manual measurement, the size will have an error of 0.5-2mm, please refer to the actual size.    
3. Due to the difference in light and screen, the color of the product may be slightly different from the picture.

Package Contents:
Cleaning Kit*1(Without 5ML Cleaning Liquid)

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