Alarm Clock, Digital Clock Large LED Clocks FM Radio Smart Watch Table Electronic Desktop USB Wake Up with Projection Time Snooze for Bedroom Decor Desk Bedside Office Black and White

Color: White


  • Easy OperationThe radio has the functions of automatic search, automatic lock, and automatic storage. There is no limit to the number of stored stations, and the operation is simple and convenient.
  • Big Snooze FunctionThe humanized design of the radio can be set to automatically turn off time, the setting time is 5-90 minutes, and the radio can be turned off according to the setting.
  • Large Display and Bedroom DecorBig large screen can ensure that you see the time clearly across the room.The sleek and modern design also works for a great clock for office but also a good room decoration ,suitable for women and girls to makeup.
  • Adjustable BrightnessLarge screen LED display, the brightness can be adjusted manually, the adjustment levels are: off, micro-bright, medium-bright and high-bright, and can also be automatically dimmed by light sensor.
  • Humidity and TemperatureDisplaying indoor temperature and humidity is a nice additional function, which other alarm clocks do not have. Caring about you like your partner, telling you the real-time temperature and humidity.

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